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Pau Wau Publications
is an independent publishing house dedicated to the production of limited edition publications of contemporary photography & art.

We have published the work of
Alessandro Simonetti, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Andrew Kuo, Ari Marcopoulos, Brian Paul Lamotte, Canyon Castator, Carly Mark, Charlie Engman, Francesco Nazardo, Fryd Frydnendahl, Gavin Watson, Giorgio Di Salvo, Harry Malt, iO Tillett Wright, Jason Polan, Jen Davis, Jim Mangan, Jordan Sullivan, Karin Schneider, Kajsa Gullberg, Lasse Dearman, Lele Saveri, Lenard Smith, Lisa Rovner, Nathaniel Matthews, Niall O’Brien, Nick Haymes, Nick Sethi, Peter Sutherland, Polly Brown, Richard Kern, Robin Cameron, Santiago Stelley, Simon Howell, Thomas Giddings, Todd Jordan, Tyrone Lebon & Winslow Laroche.

Our publications are distributed through
Antenne Books (EU) & twelevebooks (JP)

Select stores include
Dashwood, Printed Matter, Claire de Rouen, Donlon, Family, colette, LN-CC, &Pens Press, Arcana, & The International Center for Photography.

Our work has been exhibited & archived at the
ICP Triennial & MoMA Library.

We exhibit yearly at the
Printed Matter NY & LA Art Book Fair.

At the moment we're working on a monograph with David Brandon Geeting as well as updating and archiving our existing library for a new website.